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The idea of ​​the Center was created in 2010, due to the vast experience of work in the field of non-traditional medicine, where there was a clear awareness of what a person is and what she needs today to be healthy physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. For many years the team of our center has gained experience and knowledge in the field of service and rehabilitation, in the field of healing by word and the right approach to each individually.

The slogan of our center “Leleka – in every home”, where we symbolically want all the people of the earth to have Luleka in their house, and for us it is desirable for us to be our club and our services. We have ambitions enough to claim that we have to give in every home, regardless of religion, color, place of residence and financial condition. Our services are absolutely competitive and accessible to every inhabitant of the planet earth, the most important is that they are extremely necessary and important for everyone. We believe that if we have already become useful to thousands of people – we will be useful to hundreds of thousands, millions and billions … We are Important to all who want to radically change their worldview, take personal responsibility for their lives and health, begin to search for causes and consequences in yourself, in your heart. And then after dealing with yourself, start to positively influence your loved ones, relatives, giving them an example and their own helping hand with pure light in the soul! We are idealists and optimists! We believe that the planet Earth is created for the good, love, happiness, spiritual progress, the creation of a single vision of the inhabitants, aimed at respecting oneself and all who live.

Our task is to make only a positive experience from all over the past, which was everyone and boldly, with full confidence in the Creator – to go in a bright, clear future! The future, which everyone dreamed of in childhood, and then forgot, but we always have the opportunity, regardless of age, to remember our dreams and start praying for the fulfillment of these beautiful dreams.

Almost every child dreams of making the world colorful. To paint the gray houses in bright colors is one of our suggestions! Deep inside yourself, knowing yourself – to find all the colors on your chakras – and start to shine with colorful flowers!

And when you are – you shine, you take paints, and you have the inspiration to decorate the world around you! First, show love to Himself as the root cause. Make yourself multicolored is to be absolutely harmonious at all levels of consciousness! This is the target !!!

And the facility offers the Center of Holistic Medicine “Stork Club” and there is no limit to our imagination!

Every day, every second, we, those who work for themselves and you, become better, more productive, brighter. We work very hard on ourselves, becoming those who can give a hand and share knowledge. We are always ready to help if you have the will and will power – to work on yourself, on your issues that you must solve and you are ready to admit that the root cause is all of you yourself, and only you, no one, except you will not solve it! Our task is to share experience and knowledge and to show how to achieve it!

Since we, the center of holistic medicine “Club-Leleka”, the word “hall” means integrity, “the philosophy of integrity,” where all is aimed at the unification of all systems in one.

We stubbornly and confidently believe that the future is for us! People want to live in a new way, they want to think in a new way, they want to be healthy in a new way, they want to love in a new way. Every day we find like-minded people who give an opportunity to expand our world-view and the world of health-improvement services!

Our goal is to be the best we can be! Collect the best! To master the best services and products intended for improvement. Since our center is based in Lviv, and this is Ukraine, – first of all we work with the goods of our production, This is our rule!

With great respect and gratitude to you – President S. Yablonska

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