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The most popular modern method of alternative medicine is holistic medicine.

She considers the body as a whole, taking into account the cause – effect relationships between organs and systems, spiritual and emotional state, is called to preserve health, activating the natural potential of a person. The concept of holism (from the Greek – integrity) – the universe and all living things that it inhabits – is a single, indivisible system. Many factors influence the life and health of a person: heredity, physiological characteristics, nervous state, social environment, own thoughts and emotions, etc.

“Holistic” – this term is used to describe the approach to the treatment of the patient, in which the physical, mental and social factors affecting the patient are taken into account to a greater extent than the simple diagnosis of his disease. This term is also applied to various orthodox and non-orthodox methods of treatment. See also Alternative medicine “- Explanatory medical dictionary, 2013.



Man as an integral part of the universe consists of seven levels: physical, energy, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual, the level of the Absolute. The physical envelope – reflects the state of the person’s physical health, the energy – the advantage of the energy of the female or masculine, emotional – positive and negative emotions, the mental reproduces the thought forms, is aimed at creation and destruction, the karmic – positive and negative causes from the past. When the whole system of circles is unified, a person is formed who is dominated by a negative or positive, more male or female, unresolved problems of the past, a set of thoughts, emotions.

All seven circles are interconnected – violations on one of the levels can damage others. Our emotions, thoughts can significantly affect the state of the physical body. Feelings, moods and desires form a negative or positive emotional background, which in turn can lead to changes in a person’s physical condition. Aggression, anger, anger, envy have a devastating effect on the state of our health, leading to various pathological changes. Positive thoughts, good wishes, sincere joy, sympathy, emotional balance can lead to a harmonious functioning of the physical body, begin reverse process of development of complex diseases, boost the immune system in dealing with them. Locally influencing certain problems in the body for complete recovery, in parallel it is worth working on all levels of human existence.

The directions of holistic medicine are designed to balance the energy of a person on each of the seven mentioned circles.

Phytotherapy is an ancient method of the era of Sumerian civilization. As an element of holistic medicine, phytotherapy is called upon to actively influence the physical body of a person. Infusions, decoctions, extracts, ointments are created on herbs, roots, fruits, activate protective functions of the body, effectively treat and, unlike artificially synthesized preparations, do not violate the natural balance of the functioning of organs and systems. The nature-provided grasses are filled with the energy of the Earth, from time immemorial, people have been saved from various ailments, filled with life-giving force, they have given youth and longevity. Phytopreparations harmonize the activity of the physical body (the first circle, the first chakra) and, as a consequence, reduce negative emotions and increase the positive, favorably affect the energy, mental, emotional level of a person, creating a balance of the entire life system in the aggregate.


“… The vital force of the energy of the Earth makes it possible to endure adversity, increases resistance to disease, gives courage and determination in solving any problems. Man becomes a powerful support for the family, humanity, the generator of energy, the center of a small universe. Such a person is able to fully realize the potential that God has put into him, to create a solid foundation for the successful advancement of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the future … “- Mikhail Pashinsky, bioenergetic and therapist.


Homeopathy is a method of treatment formulated by the German doctor Samuel Geneman in 1796, based on the principle “like treated like”. The main task of homeopathy is to activate immunity. The secret of this method of treatment in the methods of making preparations is dynamization and potentiation. An extremely small dose of the active ingredient is involved in conditions of low dilution of the drug or the absence of an active substance with a high dilution of the drug. In this case, correctly and individually selected treatment course homeopathic preparations has the effect of energy impulse, programs the body for healing. For the full effectiveness of this group of drugs, the human body is thoroughly studied. Important factors in the selection of homeopathy is not only the diagnosis of physical problems in the body but also the emotional background, heredity, eating habits, diseases brought before, because the prerequisites for the onset of the disease are external influences and internal causes are embedded inside us. Because of this, with similar diagnoses, various homeopathic preparations can be prescribed for the treatment of the organism as a whole, and not for a specific disease.


Osteopathy and chiropractic. Founded in 1874 by the American surgeon Andrew Taylor Steel, osteopathy is based on the hypothesis that the body is a single mechanism, and the damage to one part has a significant effect on others. Osteopathy, as a direction of holistic medicine is a system of treatment, treats manifestations of health disorders as a result of minor displacements of the vertebrae, which press on the blood vessels and nerves, forming peculiar “dislocations”. These are interruptions in the blood supply, in which there are obstacles to the flow of oxygen and other healing elements into all organs and systems. The main cure for so-called “dislocations” is massage. Founded in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer, chiropractic is in many respects similar to osteopathy. However, its main difference – the form of such therapy is directed at certain specific zones (points along the entire length of the spine). Chiropractor by pressing on the corresponding zones of the spine diagnoses the disease and heals the patient. The main tasks of osteopathy and chiropractic are – methods of restoring the mobility of the joints and spine, relaxation of the muscles to release all body systems from the blocks, restoring the circulation of liquids to promote the healing of diseases and the establishment of the optimal motor state of a person.


“Massage is one of the most active methods of combating various diseases. Known for its healing and soothing properties, it is widely used in rehabilitation after injuries, for the treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, as relaxation and toning of the skin and muscles. A skillfully selected type of massage and an individual approach to each patient contribute to the improvement not only of the condition of the musculoskeletal system but also to the overall improvement of the body. “- Artovaz Ghazaryan, vertebrologist, masseur of the LELECA Center.

Reflexotherapy (with Chinese – zhengyu therapy) is a complex of methods of holistic medicine aimed at manipulating the reflex zones of the body, certain active points. Stimulation of nerve endings can occur in various ways: with the help of needles (acupuncture), special massage devices or fingers (acupressure), the effects of cold (cryotherapy), current (electropuncture), laser (laseropuncture), bites of leeches (hirudotherapy), bee stings (apitherapy ). To activate certain areas of the body, magnetic fields, ultrasound, light of various spectra can be used, and medicinal substances are injected into appropriate areas. These parts of the body, points on the feet, palms, ear shells, etc. , correspond to a separate organ. Stimulation of nerve endings affects the neurochemical systems of the brain, where neuromediators (acetylcholine, serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine) accumulate. They affect the provision of important brain functions: the regulation of vigor and sleep, the state of emotions, the perception of pain, etc. … Experienced reflexologists planning treatment of the patient direct attention not only to the physical effect on the body, but also on the activation of energy circulating along the 12 channels (meridians) of the body where, due to a lack or excess of energy, certain diseases are born.

Chinese massage Gouache is one of the methods of reflexotherapy performed by various plates that process certain reflex zones (meridians) of the body, face and head. It improves the skin condition, favorably affects the nervous system, increases immunity, is effective in fighting many diseases (osteochondrosis, bronchitis, etc.).


So with the help of reflexotherapy you can influence not only the physical, but also balance emotions and mental state.
This type of holistic medicine has a wide range of effects and is used when:

  • neuroses
  • prevention and treatment of alcohol dependence
  • diseases of the nervous system
  • diseases of the locomotor system, the muscle of the connective tissue
  • osteochondrosis
  • vegetative vascular dystonia
  • diseases of the eye (conjunctivitis, glaucoma, vascular disorders of the eye swelling)
  • diseases of the blood circulation system
  • bronchitis
  • diseases of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum
  • problems with skin and body tissue.


Zhen Chiu duchen (from Chinese) – the most complete and authoritative in traditional Chinese medicine, an illustrated encyclopedic treatise on acupuncture and related medical problems. Translated from Chinese – “Zhen chiu da chen” means

“Great achievements of acupuncture”. Consists of ten juan (Sections): Juan 1 – is devoted to the theoretical fundamentals of Zhen Juan 2 and 3 – form ode about Zhen Chiu; Juan 4 – described the technique of acupuncture; Juan 5 – is devoted to the coordination of acupuncture canals and main points with time cycles and numerological (xiangshui-hsueh) schemes; Juan 6 and 7 – considered meridians and collaterals (jing lo), located on them and beyond their point, erotology and gymnastics dao-yin; Juan 8 – methods of treatment of various diseases of 23 species; Juan 9 – the methods of famous doctors; Juan 10 – The treatise “Zhen xiao an anmo jing” describes techniques for visual diagnosis and massage, especially for children. ((C) Wikipedia)


 Ayurveda is an ancient direction of holistic medicine. This is a whole system of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, world perception and unity with nature. According to this teaching of human life – this is the interaction of the Supreme Soul (atma), body (sarira), mind (manasa) and senses (indriyas). Ayurveda teaches us to find and maintain a perfect balance, harmony in the existence of man, which manifests itself in spiritual, transcendental values ​​and specific physiological manifestations. The three physical energies – kapha, pitta and vata, and the three energies of the mind – tamas, rajas and sattava constitute the constitution of each individual. From the point of view of this teaching – disease – a kind of direction of a person in the right life path, it is a hint of the Universe, correction of further actions to fulfill our destination in the world.




There are 6 stages of the development of the disease according to Ayurveda:

The first – Manasa – vikriti – is the problem of the “mental body”. The emergence of stress at the psychological level due to the swinging of the “gunas” (natural principles that create different shades of our psyche). The influence of negative thoughts and desires. Meditation, prayer, etc. are used for correction. . The second – Prana – vikriti – is the problem of the “etheric body”. Development of the internal negativity from anger, muffin, hatred, etc. ..

The etheric body is also affected by the radiation of television sets, computers and mobile phones. To correct the use of acupressure and acupuncture, music therapy. The third – Dosha – vikriti – is neuroendocrine. Responsible for the internal balance of the physical body. Negative emotions originated in the first two stages cause hormonal failure and damage the centers of the brain and spinal cord. This causes a number of inevitable changes in the body.

People who are insensitive to such changes rarely seek help. Neuroendocrine changes can reveal the diagnosis of CME. Correct the identified problems and prevent the development of the disease can be through diet, lifestyle changes, the use of phytopreparations and other individually selected biologically active additives. The fourth – Ama – vikriti – is endotoxic. Evidence of obvious metabolic disturbances in the imbalance of hormonal equilibrium.

Toxins and slags, which in this case are formed penetrate into the blood and accumulate in the tissues. As a conclusion – the active development of various diseases, which can often be hereditary or karmic. To prevent the onset of the next stage of the development of the disease, various purifications of the body, with phytopreparations, enterosorbents, therapeutic oils and nutrition correction will be relevant. The fifth – Vyakti – vikriti – is manifested.

The protective mechanisms are activated and the body tries to get rid of the products of the disturbed metabolism. Most people seek help at this stage, when it is not easy to change the course of events. For correction, the elements of complex treatment should be used: therapeutic gymnastics, homeopathy, phytotherapy, girudo -, balneo -, dietotherapy, etc. . Sixth – Mrtya – vikriti – terminal. There is an irreversible change in tissues due to exhaustion of the body. Affected organs cease to function, and only immediate surgical intervention can save.


Aromatherapy – a kind of holistic medicine, the totality of knowing about the use of essential oils and phytoncides for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. By inhaling certain scents and rubbing them with oils into the body through the olfactory receptors, we irritate the brain and the nervous system. Properties of essential oils are very diverse. Depending on the smell and composition of oils, various processes in the body can be corrected: calm the nervous system, improve memory, attention, sleep, cheer up, cheer up, improve the skin condition, reduce the development of inflammatory processes. Essential oils harmoniously influence the human body, activating its natural potential.



Chemical composition of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory oils:

  • Brown aldehyde – a strong antibacterial agent. It is used as a remedy against infections.
  • Phenols: thymol, carvacrol and eugenol are potent antibacterial and antifungal agents.
  • Monoterpenes: terpineol, linalool, thujanol, geraniol and menthol are useful and effective agents in the fight against infections.
  • Aldehydes: citronellal, citral and cuminal – have a strong antibacterial effect.
  • Sesquiterpenols: viridiflorol and threat of thick – powerful against infectious substances.
  • Ketones: thujone, verbenon, camphor, krypton, pinocampon, menton, fenghon, carvone and piperiton – are effective in infections that are accompanied by mucus secretions.
  • Oxides: – Cineol – an important anti-infective molecule, the lowering of the lymphatic system.


Thalassotherapy – treatment of sea water, climate, sea products. This kind of holistic medicine became in 1867 an official section of traditional (clinical) medicine. These procedures are used everywhere in coastal areas, near the sea. Thalassotherapy is very diverse in its essence, includes: gymnastics, therapeutic massages, special breathing exercises, mud masks, aromatherapy, stone therapy, etc. … Sea water is similar to human blood in the content of minerals, enriched with valuable trace elements: magnesium, iodine, sulfur, calcium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, bromine, selenium, manganese etc. The active substances contained in sea water can be assimilated the human body by almost 100%. But thanks to the natural phenomenon of osmotic metabolism, the body absorbs as many useful substances as it needs at the moment. Thalassotherapy is recommended for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. It is an effective curative, restorative, cosmetological means, especially pleasant in that it allows you to combine rest and health care.

All the directions of holistic medicine unite not only the neutralization of symptoms, but also the determination of the cause of the disease, the increase in the natural potential of man. Early diagnosis and a wide range of correction of the functioning of the organism, contribute to the effective elimination of negative factors of external and internal influence at all levels of human existence, activate natural protection and counterbalance the physical and spiritual state.

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